Horticultural Nurseries

We are committed to helping Scottish businesses which grow or source most of their stock locally. So we have added this list of tree and horticultural nurseries in Scotland. Because they supply mainly garden plants, these nurseries may put less emphasis on provenance of seed. So for native woodland plantings, you should ask about provenance (and get a provenance certificate).

The information here is as accurate as it has been possible to get, but no guarantee is given or implied regarding accuracy. Please email any corrections or details of new nurseries.

For local native tree nurseries in Scotland see here.

For fruit trees, see here.


Damhead Nursery, Lothianburn, Midlothian, EH10 7DZ
T:  0131 445 4698 or  0131 445 7377
E: sueg@damheadnursery.co.uk
W: www.damheadnursery.co.uk
Mostly trees.

Binny Plants, Binny Estate, Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, EH52 6NL
T: 01506 858931
E: contact@binnyplants.com
W: http://binnyplants.com
Specialise in rare trees and shrubs.